DiSCwise is one of a number of EU-funded research and development projects that are working to improve the interoperability of ICT systems in transport and logistics. Together with these other projects, DiSCwise is helping to develop the Common Framework for Transport and Logistics Information Systems by focusing on two main pillars: Interoperability and Standards.

  • Interoperability allows the integration of the systems of different stakeholders within the supply chain so that they can easily communicate and exchange data based on agreed and pre-arranged structure and content. This includes publishing, ordering, and reporting status on the execution of transport & logistics services.
  • Standards ensure a common understanding of information exchanged, including a way of identifying, classifying, procuring and delivering products or services. Within DiSCwise this approach is being applied to transport & logistics services.

The specific focus of DiSCwise is the B2B part of the Common Framework, involving interactions between logistics services clients and logistics services providers.  DiSCwise aims to validate the Common Framework approach in an industrial setting, looking in particular at its use by SMEs.

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