Flanders pilot: Integration of customs compliance activities


Customs clearance is an administrative service normally provided by freight forwarders or customs agents. Within the Common Framework, compliance management is executed by customs authorities. It can be combined with other transport & logistics services in order facilitate deliveries from ports to final destinations. Customs agents can reuse the information contained in the so-called Transport Execution Plan (TEP) complying efficiently with reporting requirements.


The objective of the Flemish pilot is to demonstrate how Customs compliance activities can be integrated within a co-modal logistics chain.

Expected outcomes:

-          Reduced number of clerical errors

-          Cost savings in import/export/transit declarations

-          Fewer shipments' belated declarations that may generate Customs fines

-          Reduced lead time for last mile from port to hinterland or vice versa

-          More reliable door-to-door services

Download a copy of the ´╗┐report on the Flanders demonstrator here