Portuguese pilot: Integrating rail & road in door-to-door services


Communication between shippers, freight forwarders and logistic service providers (LSPs) involved in door-to-door freight transport by rail and road is often based on tools such as spreadsheets and/or document editors, transmitted by e-mail, fax or, sometimes even just on telephone conversation notes. This approach is highly time-consuming, inaccurate and leads to serious delays and errors.


The objective of the Portuguese pilot is to use the Common Framework to establish a new platform for integration and communication among these actors. The work will be focused on a close partnership between the freight forwarder (Iberian Steel) and the other partners through an operational model for co-operation, while assuring a flexible approach that enables wider use in the future.

The platform will allow seamless booking and management of services, by providing advanced communication means among shippers, freight forwarders and logistic service providers (LSPs) throughout the logistic transport chain.

Expected outcomes:

-          Improved visibility of door-to-door shipments

-          Reduced effort related to transport coordination

-          Reduced number of clerical mistakes

-          Improved reliability of the door-to-door chain

Download a copy of the ´╗┐report on the Portuguese demonstrator here